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FeedBack:Now thats good Coffee☕

From Penny Wise☕

I soooooo needed & wanted to genuinely thank you for the morning message. I truly believe you have a calling or could be a guardian angel. Gosh, I swear, each time I've ran into you, I I'm going thru & I swear to God I always instantly got a peaceful, breakthru feeling that gave me confirmation that everything I was going thru was instantly alright. Rather it was in your hug, handshake, warm smile or kind words, pleasant persona or your generous ways, I CAN FEEL YOUR CALLING..... I live in ATL but from Oxford, Ms. and I get the feeling that your grandma probably raised you because you have an older, very humble, spirit. I know you're street but also awesomely sweet. WE NEED MORE OF YOU, AS MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS, HUSBANDS AND EXAMPLES. MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE, AND IF EVER UP TO IT, I WOULD LOVE TO TREAT YOU TO BREAKFAST, LUNCH, BRUNCH OR DINNER.


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